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The first machine to have been specifically designed for the gambling industry is the slot machine. No casino can be complete without an aisle of slot machines and the slot machine has become an inseparable part of the picture of a perfect casino. This is one of the casino games which is purely luck based. Though it is easy to be rigged everyone prefers this game for gambling because of its simplicity.

There is nothing more to do than to just pull down a lever and cross your fingers for lady luck to play her part. Conventional slot machine involves three rollers of varying combinations as in a number lock. Once the lever has been pulled the rollers are set into motion and if all the three rollers come to rest on the same combination then the person wins a jackpot. The game usually involves the gambler to insert a coin or ticket to play the game and depending on the machine and the gamble type the outcome will vary.

There have been many variations in the machines across various casinos but the concept still remains the same. The game involves no skill in the player’s part and so even the most novice gambler will be attracted to this machine. But the game has the poorest outcome ration and many a times people tend to waste their entire gamble in this single game. Most seasoned gamblers tend to stay away from this game as no amount of skill and caution can help anyone in this game of luck.

The modern version of this game involves betting on the probability of getting three matching combinations and the gambler gets another turn if two combinations match. The machine gives 98% of the wager and the 2% forms the commission in modern instruments. This prevented the old age concept of jackpot where if in a slot machine there were no winners for a long time then all the accumulated coins would come out for one draw which by luck ended in three matched combinations.

All the strategies offered for slot machines are not to be trusted as only the machine constructors know about the time when a machine is likely to hit the jackpot. The probability of winning in this game reduces if there are more slots to be matched. That is, when compared to a 3 roller game and 5 roller game one has a better chance of winning with the three roller game. Yet even in this luck is the key factor.

The game is widely used in all countries but is also banned in several states because of its addictive nature. If you are into some fun time with friends them you may try your luck in the slot machine, but if you seriously wish to make money out of gambling then this is definitely not the game for you.

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