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Do you find yourself lost when your opponents at the online poker room chat to each other using terms like NH and VNH? To you, it’s nothing but letters, but to the most experienced poker players online, they mean much more than that.

Why online poker players use these bizarre terms anyway?

Remember that chatting in online poker rooms has little difference with other chatrooms. It can be very tedious to write the whole machine world, so why so when you can just use abbreviated terms.

Mastering these online poker terms is a way of showing just how online savvy a person is. This is because a newcomer to online poker usually has a small online poker vocabulary. Thus, these terms separate the newbies to online poker experts, even if it is only in the chat arena.

So, my advice would be not left, he would learn some of these terms and convince the other players at the online poker room that you are not a newbie, even if you really are. After all, bluffing is a poker player’s way of life.

If you see a right that is played and you want to recognize this, you can use str8 instead of the whole word “right”. This would save you time, which you can use on concentration for your next action.

When someone says something funny to the online poker room, or the previous game seems funny to you, or you’ve made a mistake that you want to laugh out, then use LOL. LOL’s familiarity is out there, even outside the online poker room. It means loud laughter outside. Using this term creates a more friendly atmosphere, which is necessary in a competitive game.

On the other hand, if you want to express boredom, you can use ZZZ. This is commonly used when there is a player at the online poker table that is taking a very long time to act. You should know that taking too much time is improper in poker, even in the online poker world.

Finally, if you are about to go and you want to thank the game was good, then type in GG, which corresponds to the good game. It would not hurt to be kind in online poker rooms sometimes. Who knows, your poker opponents can remember you for that and would like to play with you next time again.

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