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In the online casino world, bonuses are just the thing for new players, but at the same time, of course, a cunning marketing strategy to attract new players and keep registered players happy. In recent years, the battle for new customers has intensified at more than 2,000 online casino websites – good news for you!

Probably the most widely used and applied bonus in the online casino universe is the Welcome Bonus. It is very unlikely to find an online casino that does not have this offer in bild  its repertoire. The welcome bonus is known by various names – registration bonus, new player bonus, etc. These bonuses offer players the opportunity to top up their deposit with the online casino bonus.

Players who already belong to the customers of an online casino will in most cases benefit from the so-called re-load bonus. This bonus is a mark-up bonus that is 100% of the deposit amount, in some cases only 50%.

In some cases, online casino sites offer alternative payment options as well. These bonuses are awarded as a mark-up bonus for using a preferred payment method. The online casino providers have a kind of contract with one of the payment service providers. The bonus is in most cases 10% to 15% on the deposit amount. Even small cattle is known to crap and one should not spurn such a bonus in any case.

Loyalty programs are another incentive for players to grab extra cash or casino credit. When a player signs up for such a program, he or she gets awarded Comp or Loyalty Points each time they bet on a certain amount. These points can then be exchanged for vouchers, prizes or cash from a certain amount. Furthermore, one has the opportunity to participate in exclusive tournaments, as well as promotions and bonus promotions.

Your first bonus offers at a glance
When you open an account, you should get a 100% welcome bonus up to a certain amount. Always play with the money of the online casino before you use your own coal.

Free Bonus?
Alternatively or in addition to the welcome bonus, some online casinos also offer free bonuses. This bonus amount can be used by the player for a specific game and a specified playing time; Anything that ends up over the starting amount may be kept by the player as a win.

Monthly Bonus?
Many casinos give monthly bonuses to their players. This bonus is in most cases a re-load bonus, 50% to 100%. Again, you should seize the opportunity and bring his bankroll back on track.

Play Without Bonus?
You do not have to exercise every one of the bonus offers in an online casino. When playing without bonuses, you do not need to worry about the odds and wagering requirements attached to each bonus. These terms and conditions must first be met in all bonus offers before you can withdraw the bonus and win amount.

Last but not least, our advice to consider when accepting bonuses beforehand whether you can fulfill the betting and application requirements. For example, if you get a bonus of $ 100 and the condition is 20x that you need to use first, then you will probably be more than once thinking about whether or not it’s worth it, right?

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